Autographed by at least 31 of the Wake Island Defenders.

L/E of 850. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 36 1/4"x 22 3/4"

Price: $295.00


Against terrible odds, strategically-located Wake Island was defended by a handful of brave Americans during the opening days of our involvement in World War II in December, 1941. Isolated and alone against the might of the Japanese Navy, this intrepid group held their own on land and in the air for weeks, repulsing an amphibious invasion, sinking a destroyer and downing many Japanese aircraft. The island fell after a month of fierce resistance and its surviving defenders taken prisoner or summarily executed. Their sacrifice bought America precious time and inspired the nation.

Now this valiant group has been honored in a beautiful limited-edition print edition by noted historical aviation artist John Shaw. Each print has been personally autographed by the artist and veterans of this epic conflict, which was truly a magnificent fight.

The print honors all of the Americans who served at Wake Island so honorably in the opening days of the war and is the first ever signed by many representatives who served there in a variety of capabilities. This edition was printed in the U.S.A. on acid-free 120 lb. cover stock. All prints include a Certificate of Authenticity and historical profile. Overll size is 31" x 36.25.

Main Edition
(prints #1 through 425)

Each Main Edition print had been signed by at least 31 of the following wake Island defenders, including Wake Island Marines Navy personnel and a civilian contractor. $295.00

Pilot's Edition
(prints #426 through 450)

Each Pilot's Edition print has been signed by these F4F Wildcat pilots who defended Wake Island. $225.00

Robert O. Arthur, VMF-211, USMC
John F. Kinney, VMF-211, USMC
David D. Kliewer, VMF-211, USMC

Artist Proofs
(100 prints only)

Each Artist Proof has been signed by three pilots and 32 Wake Island defenders, for a total of 35 sigantures.