L/E of 1,250. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size:34" x 25"

L/E Prints $295
Canvas prints $495

An historic war, begun with a contemptible attack from the air upon a peaceful nation had, some three and a half years later, come full circle. Now, in the summer of 1945, with American forces drawing ever closer to Japan, the mighty long-range bombers of the USAAF would bring about the end - as it had begun from the air.

As the mighty B-29 Superfortresses hammered the imperial war machine, Japanese industry was driven to seek refuge in the hills and caves, while the relentless destruction continued. Devastation mounted with each raid. With dispersal ineffective, its factories and cities gutted, there was no way out. The future held only ruin and inevitable surrender.

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of victory in the bitterly contested three and a half year Air War in the Pacific, Robert Taylor has painted a magnificent reconstruction of a mission during the final stages of that momentous conflict. Depicted are B-29s of the 499th Bomb Group, 73rd Wing of the 20th Air Force. After a daylight raid on Tokyo, showing all the telltale signs of combat over the target, a Wing of the world's largest and fastest-ever piston engined bombers make their long overwater journey home, still many hours away at Saipan Island. At the extremity of their range, "little friends", very-long-range P-51 Mustang escort fighters, peel off and head for home leaving the mighty bombers to fend for themselves.

As a tribute to all the aircrews who fought the great Pacific Air War, we are proud to publish one of Robert Taylor's finest aviation masterpieces. Each is individually signed by four highly distinguished B-29 pilots who flew the legendary Tokyo raids, all veterans with over 100 missions over Japan between them.

To complete this important 50th Anniversary Commemorative Set, and to recognize the role played in the South Pacific by the B-17 crews earlier in the Campaign, we proudly announce Robert Taylor's exquisitely painted Companion Print FORTRESS UNDER ATTACK. Each is individually signed by Red Erwin, together with fellow Medal of Honor recipient, Jay Zeamer. VALOR IN THE PACIFIC and its B-17 Companion Print are issued as a commemorative set with matching numbers, making this one of the most collectible aviation editions published in recent years.


Size: 18" x 13 1/2

Each copy of Robert Taylor's exciting Companion Pnnt, FORTRESS UNDER ATTACK, is individually signed by TWO Medal of Honor Recipients, each awarded for outstanding valor in the Pacific.

Amatching numbered copy of Robert Taylor's engaging Companion Print, FORTRESS UNDER ATTACK, is issued with each copy of VALOR IN THE PACIFIC. Each print is individually initialled by artist Robert Taylor, and each is individually signed by two of the most famous bomber crewmen from the Pacific Theater, Jay Zeamer and Red Erwin, the only B-29 crewman to receive The Medal of Honor.

Featured in the painting is a flight of B-17s of the 43rd Bomb Group, 413th Recon Unit, flying with the 5th Air Force. In the foreground Jay Zeamer's B-17E is seen under attack by Mitsubishi fighters during a mission in the South Pacific, June 1943. Completing the presentation of this commemorative Companion Print, Robert Taylor has made a special pencil drawing of Red Erwin's B-29 which is featured as a printed remarque in the margin of every print. Copies of FORTRESS UNDER ATTACK are only available as a set with their companion piece, VALOR IN THE PACIFIC.

The Signatures

Each copy of VALOR IN THE PACIFIC is signed by FOUR highly decorated B-29 pilots. Each copy of FORTRESS UNDER ATTACK is signed by TWO Medal of Honor recipients. Colonel RAY BRASHEAR
Flying with the 499th Bomb Group (73rd Wing) Ray completed 35 missions to Japan including the first raid on Tokyo. He somehow got his B-29 back from Kobe with his left stabilizer shot away.

Master Sergeant RED ERWIN (Companion Print)
Red Erwin received the only Medal of Honor awarded to a B-29 crewman. On his 17th mission a phosphorus bomb exploded in the aircraft. He picked it up and tossed it out, saving the aircraft and crew. He has since had 43 plastic surgery operations.

Brigadier General HENRY HUGLIN
After being director of B-24 training Henry Huglin joined the 20th AF based at Tinian Island. As deputy Group Commander, then Commander of the 9th Bomb Group, he flew B-29s on 17 missions to Japan.

Acknowledged as one of the great exponents of the B-29, Chester flew 30 missions against Japan, including the first raid on Tokyo, November 1944, and the first low-level raid on March 9, 1945.

After completing 25 missions as pilot of the legendary B-17 Memphis Belle, Bob was chosen to lead the first raid on Tokyo on November 24, 1944. Flying his famous B-29 Dauntless Dotty, he completed another full combat tour over Japan - 50 missions in all.

Lieutenant Colonel JAY ZEAMER (Companion Print)
One of the USAAF's most highly decorated bomber pilots, Jay Zeamer was awarded the Medal of Honor on his 47th mission. Badly injured when attacked by Japanese fighters, he got his B-17 crew safely home.