Autographed by Everett W. Holstrom, Howard A. Sessler, J. Royden Stork and Griffith P. Williams.

L/E of 600. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 23 1/2" x 34 1/2"

Price: $250
(Artist's Proofs)

(Except Artists Proofs)

On April 18, 1942, under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle, a small force of B-25 Mitchell light bombers set forth on one of the most audacious air raids of World War II.

Launching in a rough sea from the heaving deck of the carrier USS Hornet, the crews knew that even if they achieved success, they were not to return. Their mission to bomb Tokyo and other industrial targets some 800 miles distant would leave them barely enough fuel to fly on to crash-land in China.

Nine aircraft were attacked by enemy fighters, every one made it to the target, all but one aircraft were lost. But the raid was a triumph. The Japanese High Command were so alarmed by the American's ability to strike at their homeland they attempted to expand the perimeter of activity in the central and southern Pacific - with disastrous results.

Lt. Col. Doolittle was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in recognition of the extraordinary feat he and his gallant crews performed. Miraculously most survived to fly and fight again later in the war Jimmy Doolittle going on to command the Eighth Air Force in Europe at the time of the Normandy invasion.

Nicolas Trudgian's stunning portrayal of Jimmy Doolittle's B-25, depicted moments after leaving the deck of the Hornet, will be viewed by many as one of the finest interpretations of the war in the Pacific. With Admiral Halsey's task force steaming purposefully through the heavy swell, this panoramic vista of air and sea power is a timely reminder of the determination of those that fought the awesome war in the Pacific, and a tribute to that small band of airmen whose deeds on that day in April, 55 years ago, have made every one of them legends.

Four Doolittle's Raiders each of whom played a vital role in this historic event, have joined Nicolas Trudgian in signing each print in this valuable collectors edition, and connoisseurs of the finest works of art of the era will immediately recognize the importance of this desirable new issue.


Joining artist Nicolas Trudgian in signing this important edition are four of General 'Jimmy' Doolittle's famous aircrew who took part in the historic raid on Tokyo 55 years ago.

Brigadier General EVERETT W. HOLSTROM
Sever Star, 4 Legions of Merit, 2 DFCs, 5 Air Medals

"I was Captain and pilot of a B-25 that met stiff resistance from Japanese fighter opposition. Our guns and turrets were inoperative. We flew on and bailed out 40 miles south west of Shanghi. I landed by parachute in a driving rainstorm about 10.00 p.m. On the third day I was picked up by Chinese guerrillas who escorted me through free China. The rest of my crew were one day behind me! I later spent 20 years in Strategic Air Command, and flew and commanded B-47s, B-52s and the world's first supersonic bomber - the B-58."

DFC, Air Medal

"As the navigator and bombardier on Don Smith's aircraft we attacked targets in Kobe. When the raid was completed we flew on and eventually ditched our aircraft in the sea off the coast of China. We swam to an island where Chinese guerrillas took us through enemy lines into China. We got to Chungking from where we were sent home through India and across the South Atlantic. I later flew all through Africa after the invasion until the war was over, a total of 103 missions, all in B-25s."

DFC, Air Medal, Chinese DFC

"I was co-pilot on a B-25 detailed to attack the chemical plant at the base of the Heneda River. I was designated photographic officer on the raid and had installed 16mm cameras in each bomb bay. After an attack we flew on to China, and the crew bailed out. I knocked myself out on landing, and after regaining consciousness, rolled up my parachute and waited for sunrise. After walking all day I was befriended by a local magistrate who helped me to get to the pre-assigned rendezvous point some three days later. I wound up in the 10th Air Force in India where I flew missions over Japanese occupied territory until Air Force intelligence learned that the Japanese had put a $5,000 reward on all who had participated in the Tokyo raid."

DFC, Air Medal

"I was co-pilot on Don Smith's aircraft, our detail began to attack waterfront targets in Kobe. After the attack we crash-landed in the sea off the coast of China, coming ashore with the aid of life vests and a partially deflated life raft, we landed on the small Chinese island of Tantou Shan. We made contact with Chinese fishermen who in turn put us in contact with resistance fighters who guided us out of Japanese held territory. We were eventual picked up by a US army transport plane for return to the US. I was reassigned to a newly formed bomb group for training and subsequently deployed to England and North Africa. I was later shot down and taken prisoner by Germans while operating out of North Africa."