Autographed by 16 Flying Tiger fighter pilots and support personnel.

Limited edition signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 21" x 39.5"

Price: $295 - 395

A mixed flight of shark-nosed Curtiss Tomahawk and P-40E Kittyhawk fighters of the legendary American Volunteer Group return from a patrol near their base at Kweilin, China, during mid-1942.

Under the brilliant leadership of Claire Chennault, the AVG achieved a remarkable combat record since its debut in Late 1941. It was disbanded in July, 1942 and suceeded by the 23rd Fighter Group of the United States Army Air Corps, which served with distinction to the end of the war.

The signatures:

14th Pursuit Squadron:
Charlie Bond
Joe Rosbert
Dick Rossi
Morgan Vaux

3rd Pursuit Squadron:
Frank A. Andersen
Charles Baisden
Keith Christensen
Paul Clouthier
Ken Jernstedt
Frank Losonski
Joe Poshefko
Leo Schramm
Ed Stiles

2nd Pursuit Squadron:
David "Tex" Hill
Bob Leyher
Charlie Mott
Peter Wright

Group Headquarters Section:
Ed Janski
"Red" Foster Petach

Main Edition
16 signatures
Limited edition of 850
$295 each

Artist's Proofs
20 signatures
Limited edition of 100
$395 each