Personally autographed by surviving members of Mexico's Squadron 201.

Signed and numbered by the artist

Size: 30 3/4" x 26 1/4"

Price: $175-$295

Squadron 201 - "the Aztec Eagles" - an elite unit of the best military pilots in Mexico, recruited by the President to fight with the Allies. Overcoming the obstacles of language, discrimination and differing procedures, they trained in the U.S. before going overseas. They flew close support missions, assisting American and Filipino troops in the liberation of Luzon. The unit was decorated by the U.S., Mexico and Philippins for valor. It was the only Mexican military force to serve outside of that country; its participation in the war led to better relations between Mexico and the U.S. To learn more, please visit

A unique limited-edition of fine art prints honoring Mexico's World War II heroes

General's Collector Edition

Signed by all 11 surviving pilots including three Generals. Comes with 56-minute color video documentary "Squadron 201".

300 prints in English
201 prints in Spanish

$245.00 (English or Spanish)

Regular Edition

Signed by 9 living Squadron 201 pilots.

350 prints in English
150 prints in Spanish

$175.00 (English or Spanish)

Artist's Reserve Edition

Signed only by the artist, Jack Fellows

65 prints in English
50 prints in Spanish

$95.00 (English or Spanish)

Artist's Proofs

$295.00 (English only)

Canvas version available - please call for information

Printed on 120-pound acid-free paper.