L/E 750. Signed and numbered by artist.

Size: 24" x 30"


10th of May 1972. LT Curt Dosé together with his RIO, LCDR JIM McDevitt line up their F-4J Phantom prior to landing on the USS Constellation following their first successful target Combat Air Patrol of the day. During this mission they claimed a MiG-21F after a ultra low level supersonic fight over the North Vietnamese airfield of Kep, northeast of Hanoi. The idea for the painting came from many sources, all of which told the same story of how the pulse rate went way up when it came to landing on 'The Boat'.

Imagine trying to set your mind after your first shootdown and then land on your carrier. During their tour of duty Curt Dose and Jim McDevitt flew with VF-92 'Silver Kings'. Squadron call sign was Silver Kite, aircraft identification number 211.

"I have attempted to portray the excitement and power of a wonderful aircraft - big on the canvas, together with as much detail as possible!" says the artist.