Autographed by 4-15 WWII fighter pilots.

Limited edition signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 25" x 33"

Price: $295 - $945

Only about 300 of Germany's remarkable ME-262 Jet aircraft ever saw action in the air war over Europe, too few and too late to affect the outcome. Yet the distinctive, twin-jet fighter made a lasting impression and is remembered today as a revolutionary aircraft far ahead of its time.

Most famous of the ME-262 units was Jagverband 44, led by young fighter general Adolph Galland. Though they did their best to repel the American daylight bombing attacks on jet production plants, that elite Squadron, JV-44, was fighting a losing battle. Though the American fighter pilots were unable to catch the faster ME-262s in the air, they were able to hit the German jets when they were most vulnerable: on takeoffs and landings, taking out many of the Luftwaffe's most experienced fighter pilots. And as the Allied forces drove deeper into Germany, production of jet fuel, ammunition and parts came to a halt, grounding the jets for good.

Running the Gauntlet, a superb painting by Robert Taylor, shows ME-262s of JV-44 returning to base in southern Germany, having come under attack by P-51 Mustang fighters of the 353rd Fighter Group. Almost out of fuel and ammunition, the ME-262s have little choice but to land, hoping they won't be "bounced" by American fighters in the area.

On this occasion the German pilots' luck has run out. Though General Galland had organized a special unit of FW-190D-9s to provide air cover for this airfield, they have been caught off-guard by the 353rd's surprise attack. As the ME-262 in the foreground loses altitude on final approach, it is pursued by a P-51, which itself is being pursued by two FW-190's!

Robert's exceptional painting brilliantly illlustrates this final phase of the air war in Europe during the Second World War. The lithographs are countersigned by several combinations of distinguished American P-51 and German ME-262 fighter aces who engaged in combat in the skies over Gernany in the spring of 1945.

The Aces Edition

4 signatures:

  –  Major General Donald J. Strait
  –  Lieutenant Colonel Clyde B. East
  –  Leutnant Norbert Hannig
  –  Leutnant Walter Schuck

400 Signed and Numbered $295

The War In Europe Edition

All signatures from the Aces Edition, plus:

  –  Colonel Donald Cummings
  –  Brigadier General Robin Olds
  –  Major Eric Rudorffer
  –  Leutnant Alfred Ambs

(8 total signatures)

200 Signed and Numbered $375
25 Artist Proofs $585
25 Remarques $850

The General's Edition

All signatures from the War In Europe Edition, plus:

  –  Captain Jim Brooks
  –  Colonel Walker "Bud" Mahurin
  –  Generalleutnant Adolf Galland
  –  Feldwebel Ernest Giefing

(12 total signatures – this edition represents a remarkable tally of almost 1100 victories between the signatories)

120 Signed and Numbered $795

The Portfolio Proofs

With all the signatures of the Generals Edition, the Portfolio Proofs are issued with the exclusive matching numbered working concept drawing for "Running the Gauntlet". The drawing, signed by Robert Taylor, is conservation matted to include the original pencil signatures of two of the greatest exponents of the Me262 "Macky" Steinhoff and Walter Krupinski. The main print is also signed by "Herky" Green, making a total of fifteen signatures in this genuinely remarkable collectors edition.

  –  Colonel Herschel Green (main print)
  –  General Johannes Steinhoff (matted signature)
  –  Generalleutnant Walter Krupinski (matted signature)

(15 total signatures)

25 Portfolio Proofs $945