Autographed by Col. Dick Denison, Maj. Carl Oates and Capt. Earl Slanker.

L/E of 450. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 26"x 20 1/2"

Price: $150.00



When the seasoned B-26 crews of the 386th Bomb Group took delivery of their Douglas A-26 Invader medium bombers in September, 1944, the arrival of their fast, new ships neatly coincided with a move to France. Now based at Beaumont-sur-Oise, they were able to penetrate deep into enemy territory. The three-man crews took part in the Battle of the Bulge, their twin-engined aircraft being well suited to the task of destroying strategic bridges and cutting vital supply lines.

After the Ardennes campaign, the 386th - now fully equipped with the new A-26 - continued to strike hard against important targets in Germany. The nimble handling characteristics of the aircraft made low-level attacks a specialty. As the Allies advanced towards Germany, the 386th moved to St. Trond in Belgium, which was their base at the time of Nicolas Trudgian's dramatic painting.

Coming in fast and low over the busy German rail yard in the heart of the Ruhr Valley, the Invaders barely skimmmed the nearby factory chimmney stacks on the way to the target. As they flashed over the yards, the 386th crews delivered a devastating blow, releasing 4,000 pounds of bombs each. With bombs away, the Invader crews strafed the area with their array of ten forward-firing .50 machine guns as the roar of their 2,000 horsepower engines adds to the tension and confusion on the ground.

A stunning limited edition, packed with authentic detail, each print is individually signed by three distinguished A-26 aircrew who flew the Invader in combat in World War II.


Colonel Dick Denison
Dick Denison's first combat missions were flown during the D-Day invasion in C-47s, towing gliders into Normandy and making casualty evacuations. He then tranferred to the 386th Bomb Group, flying the A-26 Invader. Dick completed a total of 40 combat missions in the A-26, all flown as Squadron Navigator.

Major Carl Oates
Carl Oates joined the 386th Bomb Group at Great Dunmow, England, in September, 1944. Piloting first the Martin B-26 and then the A-26 Invader, he he flew 22 combat missions from England, and later from bases in France and Belgium. Carl served as the Operations Officer of the 554th Squadron during the final six months of the war in Europe.

Captain Earl Slanker
Joining the USAAF in October, 1942, Earl was posted in Eurpoe, flying the B-26F Marauder, flying with the 386th B.G. at Great Dunmow. He flew combat missions in the buildup to D-Day, later moving to Beaumont, France in October, 1944. Promoted to Flight Leader, Earl converted to the A-26 Invader in February, 1945. He completed a total of 62 combat missions.