Autographed by "Bud" Mahurin.

L/E of 1000. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 35" x 22"

Price: $125

Best-selling historical artist, Gil Cohen, takes us back to March 8th, 1944, a momentous day for the 56th Fighter Group (Zemke's Wolfpack) and an especially big day in the life of one of the group's young pilots, Walker "Bud" Mahurin, whose return to base that day, provided the inspiration for this superb limited edition art print.

When then-Captain Mahurin returned to his base at Halesworth on March 8th, he brought with him the news that he had added yet another three enemy aircraft to his victory tally, now more than twenty, to become the top-scoring American fighter ace in the European Theater of Operations.

In his painting, "Return to Halesworth", artist Gil Cohen pays tribute to the 56th, with particular focus on Bud Mahurin. Recalling the wartime newspaper accounts about Mahurin, the artist developed a fascination with Mahurin's story that has lasted to the present day. Consequently, when he began to think about doing a painting on 8th Air Force fighters, it seemed only natural that Bud Mahurin should play an important role.

We have the feeling that "Return to Halesworth" will rank as one of the more signficant pieces of aviation art ever created. It is a compelling, beautiful work and autographed as it is by Bud Mahurin, a vital document on WWII aerial warfare.

If the smashing success of Cohen's previous print release (Coming Home England 1943) is any indication of the market's enthusiasm for work by this artist, "Return to Halesworth" will no doubt be another 'winner'. Don't wait too long. This print is a beauty!