"RENO '64"


Autographed by Mira Slovak.

L/E of 650. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 20" x 23"

Price: $125

The first Reno Air Races, were conceived and promoted by Nevada rancher/pilot Bill Stead who also raced hydroplanes and automobiles. They came off as a dusty and minimum beginning for the new "Unlimited Class", but it was a start, and a good one, after the 15 year hiatus since the tragic accident at Cleveland in 1949. They used the hydroplane scoring system, so the winner was the pilot who ran up the best score in each of the heats, not necessarily the one who won the final race.

Mira Slovak flew low and fast, winning a couple of the heats along with Clay Lacy, but Darryl Greenameyer, who flew even faster was disqualified for not landing on the dirt strip at Stead field as the rules required. Bob Love flew beautifully, but cut some pylons and was also disqualified.

This painting by Nixon Galloway depicts Mira - flying Bill Stead's Bearcat in the final race as they approached the finish, with Clay Lacy just 1.8 seconds behind, followed by Ben Hall, Walter Ohlrich, and Ed Weiner.