Autographed by 2 combat veterans.

L/E of 825. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 34-1/2" x 23-1/2"

Price: $320 - $1095

The biggest, fastest, most powerful fighter of its day, the McDonnell Phantom was an awesome war machine that came to dominate aerial combat for over two decades. It may have been the size of many World War II bombers but it could out-perform anything that crossed its path; it was quicker, could turn faster, was better equipped with electronics, carried more ordnance than anything comparable, and it had an unbelievable rate of climb. The F-4 Phantom was the benchmark against which every fighter in the world came to be judged; it was simply the best. Robert Taylor's powerful new painting shows Steve Ritchie, first into action, flying his lead F-4D Phantom through a hail of deadly enemy flak as he exits the target area after a typical FAST FAC mission on enemy installations in North Vietnam, 1972. Behind him a vast trail of devastation marks the mission's progress, as his fellow Phantom crews continue to wreak havoc with their heavy ordnance, the target area exploding in a series of mighty detonations.

Each print is personally signed by the highly decorated Vietnam USAF fighter pilot Ace Richard 'Steve' Ritchie, together with his special guest, Capt. John Madden.

The Limited Edition

750 signed and numbered prints $320

The Artists Proofs

50 signed and numbered prints $520

The Giclee Canvas Proofs

25 signed and numbered prints $1095