L/E of 1,941. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 24" x 30"

Price: $125
Handcrafted Remarque:
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A 50th Anniversary
Pearl Harbor Commemorative Lithograph

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, initiated by Lt. Commander Kakuichi Takahashi, was arguably the single most significant event in modern American History. "Pearl Harbor 0755 ... While the Giant Slept" symbolizes the moment of transition between how America was and how it is today.

This limited edition print focuses on the seconds before the attack as Lt. Commander Takahashi's Aichi D3A1 Type 99 "Val" Dive bomber rolls in on Hangar 6 on the southern tip of Ford Island. By accident, Takahashi was the first to drop his ordnance because of a mistake in interpreting the signal flares beginning the attack. Battleship Row is seen in serene repose in the last moments before the Japanese wreak havoc and devastation on the unsuspecting American sailors.

"By way of his superb artistic ability, and his zeal for historical accuracy, Dru Blair has provided us with a window into the past, a magnificent glimpse of America's last instant of peace before her entry into the Pacific War." - J. Michael Wenger, Co-author of "The Way It Was: Pearl Harbor. The Original Photographs"

"I've just done a wingover right behind Takahashi. It was that real." - David Aiken, Director, Pearl Harbor Historical Association, upon viewing the painting.

Edition size is limited to 1,941 Signed and Numbered Lithographs. Each Print is individually inspected and signed by the artist. A Certificate of Authenticity is provided.

Customized Pearl Harbor
Handcrafted Remarques

For a limited time, we will make available remarques of all the ships that were in the Harbor during the attack. These remarques, handdrawn pencil sketches in the margin, will offer you an opportunity to own a unique work of American Historical Art.

Some Examples

USS Arizona

USS Utah

USS Detroit

USS Tangier