: "Autographed by six aces of the famous 475th Fighter Group!

Aces Edition - only 200 issued. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 26 1/2" x 32"

Price: $235


A stunning tribute to America's second highest ranking ace and Medal of Honor winner Major Tom B. McGuire, showing his famous P-38 "Pudgy". The print is signed by 475th Fighter Group officers who flew with Major McGuire.

Each limited-edition lithograph is personally signed by the artist and seven 475th pilots, six of whom became aces in the Pacific skies during World War II and have a combined victory total of 51. They are:

John Loisel
P.J. Dahl
Joe Forster
Warren Lewis
Jack Purdy
"Bo" Reeves
"Jake" Jaekle

ONLY 200 PRINTS this very special edition have been signed, making this a rare and unique collectible. Contact us today with your order while they are still available!