Autographed by up to 17 combat veterans.

L/E of 475. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 27-1/2" x 17"

Price: $195 - $295

With the morning sun glinting on their fuselages, P-51 Mustangs of the 78th Fighter Group cross the Dutch coastline far below, heading back towards their base at Duxford, England at the end of a long sweep east of the Rhine crossing in Spring 1945. The final months of the war in Europe lie ahead, and for the P-51 pilots the victory is within sight. Robert Taylor's visually poetic masterpiece, Opening Sky, pays tribute to the American P-51 Mustang fighter pilots who flew and fought for freedom during World War II, and is the third in his highly successful Tribute Series. It follows the release of his popular RAF Hurricane tribute, Height and Sun; and Luftwaffe Me109 tribute Dawn Eagles Rising.

Limited edition prints of Opening Sky have been signed by many of the United States' most famous P-51 fighter pilots, and together with the previous two prints in this series, create an extraordinary opportunity for aviation art and military history collectors.

The Limited Edition

Every print has been personally signed by the artist, Robert Taylor, together with THREE of the USAAF's foremost P-51 Mustang Aces:

      Colonel Clarence 'Bud' Anderson - 357th FG / 16.25 victories
      Lieutenant Colonel Clyde East - 10th Photo Recon Group / 14.5 victories
      Colonel Art Fiedler - 325th FG / 8 victories

300 signed and numbered prints $195

P-51 Tribute Edition

In addition to the three signatures of the Limited Edition, each copy of the P- 51 Tribute Edition has been individually signed by a further fourteen P-51 fighter pilots, making a total of SEVENTEEN signatures in total.

      Major Bill Allen - 55th FG / 5 victories
      Captain Jim Brooks - 31st FG / 13 victories
      Captain Clinton Burdick - 356th FG / 5.5 victories
      Captain Wayne Coleman - 78th FG / 5 victories
      First Lieutenant Raymond 'Ted' Conlin - 357th FG
      Lieutenant Colonel Don Cummings - 27th, 55th FG / 6.5 victories
      Major Urban Drew - 361st FG / 6 victories
      Lieutenant Colonel Bob Goebel - 31st FG / 11 victories
      Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Karr - 52nd FG / 6 victories
      Colonel Walker 'Bud' Mahurin - 56th, 3rd, 51st FG /24.25 victories
      Colonel Steve Pisanos - 4th FG / 10 victories
      First Lieutenant John Skara - 357th FG
      Second Lieutenant Lowell Steward - 332nd FG (Tuskegee)
      First Lieutenant Clint White - 31st FG

175 signed and numbered prints $295