L/E of 500. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 23" x 32"

Price: $125.00

In the history of civilian aviation there are few aircraft which have caught the attention and imagination of enthusiasts in the way the Constellation has. It was a graceful, powerful airplane that looked the part, and today is remembered as one of the world's great airliners. Originally designed for the military, the Lockheed Constellation was quickly modified to cater for the burgeoning civilian market when the war was over. It fulfilled the demand for an airliner that could travel at 300 mph plus, coast to coast across the U.S.A. non stop, and when it proved itself in the livery of T.W.A., other airlines got in line to add the Constellation to their fleets - American, B.O.A.C., KLM, Pan Am, Air France, South African Airways, just a few to operate the Connie.

With the introduction of more powerful engines, non-stop Constellation flights from New York to London and Paris became possible, and the age of transatlantic passenger flight as we know it today was born.

Robert Watts, one of America's most accomplished aviation artists, captures the romance of that golden era of passenger flight in his nostalgic painting of a L-1049 Constellation. Seen in American Airlines colors, a 'Connie' descends over London in the soft early morning light after an overnight flight from New York. Without today's constraints of air traffic control, pilots had some latitude with the routes and altitudes they flew, and on this particular morning the pilot takes advantage of a beautiful sunrise to give his pasengers a view of London and the winding river Thames, as he turns west for a landing into London's Heathrow airport.

An appealing painting portraying the glamorous early days of non-stop transatlantic flight, when passengers travelled at a leisurely pace and in lavish style. Limited edition prints are signed and numbered by the artist and provide a handsome reminder of a bygone era in the history of aviation.