Signed and numbered by the artist.

L/E of 950

Size: 35" x 20"

Price: $125

Sharing a reputation for mystery and clandestine activity, two black avian knights make their stealthy transformation in this metamorphosis by artist Jody Fulks Sjogren. Consider the raven, whose dark presence and enigmatic ways have made it the object of more literature, poetry, and even worship than almost any other bird in history. Widely believed to be the most intelligent of all birds, the Raven is to the natural world what the SR-71 is to the world of men and aviation: big, black, mysterious, and at the top of its pyramid in "mental" attributes. The Raven's highly developed communication skills and exceptional flying ability make it ideally suited for the "reconnaissance missions" upon which its life as a hunter and scavenger depends. The largest member of the Corvidae family and one of the hardiest of all birds, Corvus corax makes its home in both hemispheres, thriving in habitats from desert to tundra to mountainour altitudes above timberline. Likewise the SR-71, performing its secret assignments in the private sky 15 miles above the earth's surface, has covered the globe to secure its place as the world's ultimate spyplane. For a quarter century the sleek, dark, exotic Blackbird was the final word in strategic aerial reconnaissance. Equipped with optical and infrared imaging systems and electronic surveillance gear, the SR-71 gave the United States "eyes in the sky," gathering information about enemy military activity that helped write world history from 1964-1990.

No more perfect partners could be found for this vision of art. From the winged creature put here by God to the miracle plane of Lockheed's Skunk Works, Metamorphosis VI: Blackbird pays tribute to two big, black, highly intelligent birds.