Signed and numbered by the artist.

L/E of 950

Size: 21 1/2" x 30 1/4"

Price: $125

Born and bred during the early years of the Cold War, the B-52 Stratofortress became the symbol of deterrence and the centerpiece in an array of weapons that enabled the United States to face the Soviet Union for forty years and to prevail without a nuclear exchange.

In the spirit of George Washington's memorable quote, "To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace", this armored warhorse of the skies has, by its awesome capability, evidenced the determination and will of the United States to counter aggression and forge peace. In both nuclear and conventional roles, the B-52 has truly proven itself a mighty fortress in the sky.

Artist Jody Fulks Sjogren links the past with the present in this visual "metaphor" - a symbol of the age-old clash of arms and noise of battle.

Conjuring up images of Medieval times when kings ruled and knights defended the liberties of their kingdom, this B-52H and her crew of six are warriors of a parallel modern world. How many symbols and parallels can you find in this message that spans the centuries? One observation is clear: over the course of human history, the nature of war remains the same...only the warhorses change.