Signed and numbered by the artist.

L/E of 2500

Size: 23" x 26 3/4"

Price: $130

Initially designed to be answer the U.S. military's need for a rugged medium transport aircraft, the C-130 Hercules has proved itself capable of a bewildering array of missions since its appearance in the mid-1950's.

Named after Hercules, favorite hero of Greek classical mythology, the C-130 has surpassed in number, if not in originality, the famous Twelve Labors assigned to its mythological namesake.

In this visual "metaphor", aviation artist Jody Fulks Sjogren creates a dramatic image of the C-130 at the moment of lift-off from an unimproved dirt airstrip. Out of the dust cloud which billows up around the aircraft emerges Hercules, the mythical character, wrestling the man-eating Lion of Nemea in the first of his twelve labors. Above this scenario, a statuesque portrait of Hercules views the action with an almost rational calm. According to the legend, he will earn his immortality by successfully completing the twelve superhuman labors assigned to him by King Eurystheus.

Like ancient hero, his modern counterpart - the enduring C-130 - will surely take its place among those immortal aircraft whose performance, versatility and longevity have exceeded all expectations.