L/E of 750. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 33" x 19 1/2"

Price: $95
Special Ed.
Signed by Dutch Schultz
and Erv Rosner - $125

The original oil painting was commissioned by WWII veteran liaison pilot, A.W."Dutch" Schultz, who is seen as a Lieutenant of 9th Field Artillery Battalion. (left center) conferring with a tank commander. Time: Mid-December, 1943, during the assault on Cassino, Italy. Schultz named his L-4 "Janey" after his girlfriend back home.

The nearer L-4 was flown by Erwin Rosner, Dutch's friend in the 9th Field Artillery. When Dutch made Captain, he became Air Officer of 3d Infantry Division Artillery and chose Erv as his Executive Officer. Erv and Dutch live half a continent apart, but continue to stay in touch.

Piper built reliable machines, and this one is a perfect example. Dutch flew "Janey" in North Africa, Italy, France, Germany and Austria, from 1942 to war's end in 1945. She's one of the longest-serving to survive the war, and was actually returned to Paris, as a display piece under the Eiffel Tower!

Though the flying "Janey's" whereabouts aren't known at this time, Dutch hurried home and married Janey Reece, and still knows exactly where she is! Their 50th anniversary was celebrated by a close and happy family in August 1995.