L/E of 500. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 27" x 193/4"

Price: $95.00


The F-4 "Phantom" taxis forward to the block. Green shirts shackle the big jet fighter to the catapult. The fighter's pilot and back-seater check their dials and switches as their heart rate climbs. The pilot selects full afterburner and, with the hold-back taking the strain, salutes the catapult officer and waits for the catapult to fire. In milliseconds the huge Phantom is shot into the air ahead of the ship and is on it's way to North Vietnam.

Phillip West's dramatic and colorful painting catches the moment as an F-4B of VF-111 "Sundowners" launches from the deck of the USS Coral Sea in 1972. A superb rendering of this legendary jet fighter by one of today's most acomplished painters of jet aircraft, this new print provides wonderful value for enthusiasts and collectors alike.