"JG 7 Me 262"


Signed by General Johannes "Macki" Steinhoff, Gottfried Fahrmann, Walter Schuck, Hermann Buchner. Signed and numbered by the artist.

L/E of 950

Size: 22 3/4" X 30"

Price: $195

In addition to the artist's signature, each print is co-autographed by General Johannes "Macki" Steinhoff, Kommodore of JG 7, scored 6 victories with a Me 262; Gottfried Fahrmann, Steinhoff's wingman; Walter Schuck Staffelkapitan of 3./JG 7 scored 8 victories with the Me 262 and is now 3rd ranked living ace of all time; Hermann Buchner claimed 12 victories in Me 262's.

The painting: Because of the incredible speed of the Me 262, head-on attacks on bombers was not the normal tactic, however, it did happen. This scene is based on an incident when Major Rudi Sinner was III Gruppenkommandeur of JG 7 and made a head-on attack on B-24's from the 448th BG. Sinner shot down one B-24 and it collided with another bomber.