Autographed by Knight's Cross holders Walter Loos and Willi Reschke. Signed and numbered by the artist

L/E of 950

Size: 22 3/4" X 30"

Price: $175

In addition to the artist's signature each print is co-autographed by Knight's Cross holders Walter Loos and Willi Reschke, prominent JG 301 Home Defense Staff pilots.

This beautiful example of the graceful Ta-152 features the only two Knight's Cross holders from JG 301. Willi Reschke flies 'Green 1' and Walter Loos the 'Green 4' (which is the Ta 152 H-O in storage in the Smithsonian); stab member Josef Keil flies 'Green 3'. III./JG 301 was selected to be re-equipped with the new Ta 152 but because of production delays this goal could not be achieved. It was decided to concentrate the new machines into the Geschwaderstab and transfer experienced pilots from III. Gruppe to the Stab. Oberstleutnant Fritz Aufhammer was the official Kommodore but was mainly an administrator. From III Gruppe came Willi Reschke, Herman Stahl, Josef Keil, Sepp Sattle, Christoph Blum and Heinz Gossow and from JG 300 came Walter Loos.