Autographed by Captain Eugene "Red" McDaniel.

L/E of 1000. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 31" x 22 1/4"

Price: $225


The image is bright and clear: an A-6 Intruder jet aircraft taking off from the deck of USS Enterpnse. But the story behind this aviation art is one of consummate courage in the face of incredible adversity, because the pilot is Navy Captain Eugene "Red" McDaniel, the place is the Gulf of Tonkin, and the date is May 19,1967-ironically Ho Chi Minh's birthday.

"The painting occurs at the start of McDaniel's 81st combat mission over Vietnam," explains William S. Phillips, an aviation artist well known for his exciting images of aircraft in flight. 'at was an Alpha Strike," he continues, "which means a full press. It was on this mission that he was shot down." McDaniel left with twenty-six other Navy aircraft for Van Dien, a truck repair facility in downtown Hanoi. Despite his extensive experience and skill, McDaniel had to bail out after his A-6 was hit by a surface to air missile.

"He was captured by the Viet Cong and held in a prisoner of war camp," Phillips says. "What makes him special was how he survived the torture of his captivity." McDaniel was held for six years. And during that time, he displayed a courage and bravery in the face of physical and mental torment that elicited the admiration and respect of everyone who believed in freedom.

That freedom was finally returned to him. His convictions had been tested, but "Red",McDaniel emerged victorious.

The Greenwich Workshop is proud to make Intruder Outbound the second release in the American Patriot Series, and William S. Phillips was honored to paint it. The result is aviation art at its best, countersigned by Captain Eugene "Red" McDaniel himself.