Autographed by up to 18 pilots.

L/E of 890. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 23-1/2" x 29-3/4"

Prices: $320 - $2895


Air Art Northwest



One of the most legendary military actions in history, the Doolittle Raid, in which two U.S. Navy aircraft carriers – the USS Hornet and the USS Enterprise – accompanied by an escort of cruisers and destroyers, sailed to just 600 miles from the Japanese mainland to launch 16 Army Air Corps B-25 bombers in a daring raid on April 18, 1942.

Initiated by direct order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the American airmen – all volunteers – launched from the Hornet and flew their aircraft into the heart of Japan, successfully bombing several industrial cities, including Tokyo, catching the Japanese military by complete surprise. Evading enemy defenses, the pilots attempted to reach airfields in China that the Japanese had not yet occupied. Sadly, most ran out of gas and crashed; some were killed or taken prisoner; ultimately all of the aircraft and some of the men were lost.

The raid did some damage to Japanese military and industrial facilities, but, more importantly, it gave hope to the American people in the darkest hour of World War II and caused Japanese military leaders to alter their strategy and to recall more assets from the battlefronts to the mainland for home defense. It also shattered the belief of the Japanese people that their homeland was untouchable.

Of the 80 young airmen who first took the war to the heart of Japan, only a handful are still living. This superb new lithograph by Robert Taylor is signed by them and is perhaps the last print by this master artist to be personally autoraphed by the "Doolittle Raiders". Order your today to avoid missing the opportunity to acquire this rare and valuable print.

The Limited Edition

Joining artist Robert Taylor, each print has been personally signed by FIVE Doolittle Raiders:

      Major General David M. Jones
      Staff Sergeant David J. Thatcher
      Lieutenant Colonel Richard E. Cole
      Staff Sergeant Edwin W. Horton
      Major Thomas C. Griffin

550 signed and numbered prints $320
25 artists proofs $520

The Commemorative Proofs

Each print in this edition is accompanied by an exclusive pencil companion print the two are signed by a total of THIRTEEN Doolittle Raiders:

      Lieutenant Colonel Frank A. Kappelar
      Lieutenant Colonel Chase J. Nielson
      Colonel William M. Bower
      Lieutenant Colonel Edward J. Saylor
      Second Lieutenant Charles J. Ozuk
      Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Hite
      Second Lieutenant William L. Birch
      Mr Tung - Sheng Liu

300 Commemorative Proofs $675

The Giclee Canvas Edition

These superb reproductions on canvas will be accompanied by an exclusive certificate personally signed by all thirteen Doolittle Raiders.

25 Giclee Canvas Proofs $1525

The Doolittle Tribute Proofs

Each special set includes both Commemorative edition prints accompanied by an original pencil drawing by Robert Taylor. Each drawing is conservation matted to include the original signatures of FOUR further Doolittle Raiders and General Jimmy Doolittle making a total of EIGHTEEN signatures.

      General James H. Doolittle (matted)
      Brigadier General Everett W. Holstrom (matted)
      Major Howard A. Sessler (matted)
      Captain J. Royden Stork (matted)
      Major Griffith P. Williams (matted)

15 Doolittle Tribute Proofs $2895