Autographed by 5 members of James H. Doolittle's famous Tokyo Raiders and individually numbered.

L/E of 1500. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 27"x 35"

Price: $320


APRIL, 1942... A stunned America was still stinging from the devastating blow against Pearl Harbor. Scarcely three months after this day of infamy, against incredible odds, Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle led 16 courageous B-25 crews off the deck of the Navy carrier USS Hornet to strike at the industrial heart of Japan. This amazing mission, known as the Tokyo Raid, greatly boosted national morale and marked the beginning of the end of Japanese aggression in the Pacific. Today, more than half a century after this historic event, only a remnant of this remarkable group of individuals remains.

APRIL, 1994... A large number of the surviving members of Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders reunited in California to publicly honor and remember their beloved leader, who had passed away only a few months before. To further honor the General, a gathering of several B-25's and other vintage aircraft took part in a Memorial Flight over his Carmel, CA home. This emotionally stirring event was made possible by the owners and supporters of Eagle Field (Central California Historical Military Museum).

As part of this event, artist John D. Shaw has created this magnificent limited edition lithograph, each personally hand signed during the reunion by members of Doolittle's famous Toyko Raiders. The prints measure 27" x 35" and are printed on the finest acid-free stock. In addition to purchasing this unique piece of history, a major part of the proceeds help to restore Eagle Field, one of America's last remaining World War II Army Air Corps primary training bases. Quantities are extremely limited on this collectible piece, which will increase in value and be enjoyed for years to come.


Major General David M. Jones - Pilot, plane #5. Target: Tokyo
Lt. Colonel Richard E. Cole - Doolittle's Copilot, Plane #1. Target: Tokyo
Major Thomas C. Griffin - Navigator, Plane #9. Target: Tokyo
M/Sgt. Edwin W. Horton, Jr. - FE/Gunner, Plane #10. Target: Tokyo
S/Sgt. David J. Thatcher - FE/Gunner, Plane #7. Target: Tokyo