Signed by Air Commodore Peter Brothers, Wing Commander Christopher "Bunny" Currant, Group Captain Dennis David, Group Captain Billy Drake, Wing Commander Paul Farnes and Wing Commander Gordon Sinclair.

L/E of 500. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 33" x 24 1/4"

Price: $295.00


The second issue in Robert Taylor's Battle of Britain Trilogy, featuring the Hawker Hurricane fighter, backbome of RAF Fighter Command. Individually signed by Hurricane pilots who flew in that epic battle.

Throughout the long hot summer of 1940, the destiny of the British Isles and of Europe, rested in the hands of a small band of young Royal Air Force fighter pilots. Arrayed against them was the vast aerial power of the German Luftwaffe, confident from its victories in Poland, France and the Low Countries.

With Europe fallen under Nazi rule, and America not yet in the war, Britain stood alone against an evil empire bent upon world domination. The coming battle would be the first in history to be fought entirely in the air and would change the course of the war.

Outnumbered more than five to one at the outset, the odds were against the RAF and the prognosis looked grim. But as the fierce air battles grew in intensity during the long summer months, the the tactics and skill of the RAF pilots began to tell. High in the blue skies over the southern England, the twisting white contrails of their aircraft wrote the story of victory. By the end of September, after sustaining terrible losses, the young British airmen had defeated the German agressors.

Robert Taylor's latest study of the legendary Hurricane fighters captures the spirit of that pivotal event fought so long ago. Nearest the viewer, Pilot Officer Geoffrey Page, who would become a highly decorated RAF ace, powers his Mark I Hurricane over the country lane at the edge of the airfield as he and fellow 56 Squadron pilots make their third scramble of the day.

Glorious Summer, the second edition in Robert Taylor's acclaimed Battle of Britain Trilogy, comprises just 500 copies worldwide, each signed by six Battle of Britain Hurricane pilots, and is published with an exclusive issue of just 250 Millenium Proofs priced at $650 each, signed by 13 additional Huricane and Beaufighter pilots who fought in the Battle. As the world's premier aviation artist pays tribute to Churchill's gallant "Few", collectors will recognize this as an important print to add to their collections.