"FOCKE-WULF Fw 190 D-13/R11"


Autographed by Dr. Heinz Lange and Gerhard Kroll. Signed and numbered by the artist

L/E of 950

Size: 21 1/2" X 31"

Price: $145

Artist Jerry Crandall has had a special interest in this D-13 since finding it in a vacant lot in Georgia in 1965. He was able to thoroughly measure and photograph this rare machine before it was acquired by the Champlin Fighter Museum. This is the only surviving D-13 known.

Similar to the D-9, the main physical differences include a paddle-bladed VS 10 propeller, no 13mm guns over the engine, the supercharger intake scoop is oval rather than round like the D-9; and the armament consists of 3 MG 151 20mm cannons, one firing through the prop hub and two in the wing roots.

This machine was the 17th D-13 manufactured and delivered to JG 26. "Yellow 10" was captured by the Canadians at Flensburg at wars end. Oberst Heinz Lange, the Kommodore of JG 51 who flew D-9's, was asked by the RCAF in June 1945 with Günther Josten, also of JG 51, to fly this advanced fighter against the Hawker Tempest in mock combat. Feldwebel Gerhard Kroll flew D-9's with III./JG 54 as top cover for Kommando Nowotny's Me 262's. After Nowotny's death, Kroll was assigned to home defense. III./JG 54 became IV./JG 26 on 25 February 1945, the unit flying D-9's and D-13's.