Artists Proofs only. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Print Size: 20" x 30"

Artists Proofs: $285

The fifty remarkable years of service to America by the United States Air Force, which began with the signing of the National Security Act of 1947, exactly parallel this artist's career as an aviation artist. In 1947 I began working as a civil service apprentice artist in the Air Force's Training Publications Unit located at Randolph "Field", Texas. Our world was one of student flown AT 6s and administrative A-26s, B-25s, C-45s and C-47s. We watched aircraft designations change, had to get used to the new term "Air Force Base" and saw the gradual change of uniform.

The painting "Force for Freedom" required the selection of fifty years of Air Force aircraft, helicopters, missiles and spacecraft, while limiting the choices to a manageable number. Those selected show a terrific evolution of aerospace vehicles from World War Two era transports and trainers, the pioneer intercontinental strategic bombers and ballistic missiles, early jet fighters, bombers and helicopters, to ever more powerful and capable jet fighters, bombers, tankers, and airlifters. There are examples of research aircraft and superb reconnaissance machines. We see the advent of stealth, precision munition capability, improved sensors, command, control and communications, super cruise and enhanced maneuverability. These 75 aerospace vehicles demonstrate the undreamed of advances in technology managed by the Air Force since 1947.