L/E of 1,250. Signed by George Vaughn

Size: 24" x 30"

Price: $175

American Fighter Aces
Series 1

George A. Vaughn, Jr., was America's fourth-ranking fighter ace of World War I. This painting by Roy Grinnell depicts Vaughn's first victory, on 16 June, 1918, over Beaucourt, France. In Vaughn's own words, "I remember my first combat victory. The Pfalz I was engaged with got a long burst into my tail before I knew he was even in the sky. That was a great lesson never to be forgotten, always see the other fellow first and never let him see you first. Fortunately his aim was quite poor and after that it was only the routine we had learned in combat school. Eventually he turned for home. I chased him, which wasn't the right thing to do as it turned out. When I finally caught up with him I was quite far into German territory and my flight commander really told me off later, because he didn't relish being pulled that far into Germany just to watch over me. The Pfalz was confirmed by people in the squadron and on the ground. He fell in flames."

Vaughn scored seven victories, six aircraft and one balloon, with 84 Squadron. Transferred in August to the 17th Aero Squadron United States Air Service, he switched to Sopwith Camels and shot down six more aircraft for a final score of 13 aerial victories. By the end of the war he had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Silver Star, and the British Distinguished Flying Cross. George Vaughn died recently.