L/E of 550. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 20" X 18 3/4"

Price: $95


In combat the glamour and flash of the fighter pilot is soon distilled by the grim reality of war. Again and again, pilots in their frail kites fly against their enemy in a test of man and machine. The odds are weighed by a pilot's skills and the capabilities of his airplane, but no one will deny a measure of luck or a blessing may also help. In the final analysis, the sum of victory is made from one pilot prevailing over his opponent.

In sobering reflections at the end of battle, Royal Flying Corps pilots deal with the events of the day, each in their own way. A flier's descriptions of combat, accompanied by the ever-present hand gestures, tells of today's encounter and perhaps a new tactic. Others are left to consider an unexpected brush with death or a comrade who did not return.