Autographed by at least 31 of the Wake Island Defenders.

L/E of 500. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 33"x 24 1/4"

Price: $295.00


The first isssue in Robert Taylor's highly exclusive Millemium Trilogy, featuring the legendary Spitfire, with prints individually signed by Spitfire pilots who took part in the greatest aerial battle in history.

All through the long hot summmer of 1940 the German Air Force crossed the English Channel from stolen bases in Northern France to deploy their cargo of deadly ordnance against British towns and cities.

Against the might of German airpower stood less than 600 Spitfire and Hurricane fighers, their young pilots determined to defend their homeland. Always outnumbered, these Royal Air Force pilots flew themselves to the point of exhaustion. About one quarter of these heroic airmen never returned from their missions.

Robert Taylor's wonderfully realistic painting captures the very esssence of that epic battle. A Heinkel 111 has been brought down and, as the bomber's shaken crew emerge from their broken aircraft, a MK I Spitfire from No. 66 Squadron roars low overhead in a victory pass. Hurricanes from No. 56 Squadron hurry back to North Weald to refuel and rearm. High above, twisting contrails trace the outline of the battle for the sky.

The tightly restricted Aces Edition is limited to just 500 copies world-wide, each signed by six Battle of Britain Spitfire pilots. The exclusive Millenium Proofs comprise only 250 copies for world-wide distribution; each is signed by over 25 Battle of Britain Spitfire pilots.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to acquire a work by the world's premier aviation artist, authenticated with the original signatures of Spitfire pilots who saved Britain from Nazi domination in the greatest war in history.

The Ace's Edition Signatories

Wing Commander Paddy Barthropp
Squadron Leader "Ben Bennions"
Group Captain John Busdee
Wing Commander Bob Doe
Group Commander George Unwin
Group Captain Alan Wright