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Jack Fellows has been called a perfectionist at heart. And that attitude toward his work has created a passion for recording the essence of his subjects. Painting professionally since 1967, Fellows has drawn wide acclaim and numerous honors for his oil & pastel paintings in galleries and art shows from Washington State to Arizona.

His favorite subjects, ethnic scenes and World War II-vintage aircraft, at first seems to be an odd combination of subject matter. Fellows explains that he paints pictures of scenes that are not likely to be seen any longer. Such influences as having a wife of European descent and a father that was a Boeing Aircraft engineer that worked on the original B-17 project further explains a basis for his subject selections.

The historic qualities of his paintings are emphasized through his attention to gradations of light, the precision in which he assigns tonal weight to highlight and shadow, creative use of brilliant colors and feeling of depth he creates.

Drawing upon technical skills acquired during his training as a commercial artist, he paints with a realism that pulls the viewer emotionally into the painting.

His works are found in corporate, private and museum collections in the northwest and southwest, most notably the Champlin Fighter Museum, the Frye Museum and the University of Washington. Numerous honors and awards have come his way.

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