L/E of 450. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Print Size: 20" x 30"

L/E Price: $100

Capable of speeds in excess of 1400 mph, two Convair F-106A "Delta Darts" and two subsonic Lockheed T-33 "T-Birds" of the 49th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Griffith AFB, New York, meet in a 1986 training intercept high in the cloudscape above upstate New York. The 49th FIS is proud to be the last active duty Air Force Squadron to fly "The Six". First flown on December 26, 1956, the 106 has served three decades as one of America's most important manned interceptors. The 49th's 60453, shown in this lithographic print, was the third F-106 built and has been flying for thirty years. The T-33s which were developed from the F-80, the nation's first operational jet fighter have served the squadron faithfully as target and support aircraft. Both of these beautiful aircraft face imminent retirement. They have served well and will be missed.