L/E of 600. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size:28" x 37"

Price: $95

The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom. Over 5000 of these supersonic war horses have served around the globe under many national flags. Designed and built with Yankee ingenuity, the US armed forces have utilized this durable aircraft in every branch of the service.

Like every American military aircraft , the F-4 has acquired a number of nicknames... some affectionate, some funny, others downright rude. Double Ugly... The Louisville Slugger... This jet is big, heavy, brutal, destructive, and capable of a lot of speed when provoked. The people who built, fly, and keep these jets flying know her as the Rhino!

A fitting moniker, now more than ever, as the wild beasts whose namesake they share is dwindling in numbers just as the Phantom. They are preserved in captivity and protected in the wild. Just like the great black Rhino, the F-4 lives in limited captivity. Small foreign air forces cling to the Phantom, still a viable means of defense for their modest budgets.

Since the early sixties the, Air Force, Navy, and Marine units utilized their Phantoms in every application. Fighters, bombers, recce birds and as the Wild Weasel performing "ironhand duties." The most highly visible versions were used as demonstrators for both the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds. US Air Force Reserve units are finally retiring the last of the F-4s to be operated here in the U.S. This painting is dedicated to those who have served their countries and operated the F-4 with pride, courage and passion. Past, present, and future, the spirit of the charging rhino will live on in the memories of those who have flown and operated them, as well as those who have the honor of still flying this legendary aircraft.