L/E of 1,250. Signed by C.W. "Red" McColpin.

Size: 24" x 30"

Price: $150

American Fighter Aces
Series 1

RAF Station North Weald had been fogged in all the latter part of September 1941, so much so that the senior pilots of 71 Squadron's "A" Flight were given a few days leave. As the weather cleared on 2 October, Squadron Leader Stanley T. Meares took a flight of newer members on a combat air patrol over the English Channel. Newly assigned Pilot Officer Carroll W. "Red" McColpin, was flying as Meares's wingman in his Spitfire Mk VB, coded XR-Y.

At approximately 1340, McColpin spotted 18-20 Me-109Fs a few hundred feet below, and called out the bogies to Meares. As they dived to the attack, Meares fired on the nearest 109. McColpin followed, firing a half-second burst from under 50 yards. The German fighter burst into flames. Then, as McColpin related it, "I broke away to port and found myself in position for an attack on another 109, so I gave him a burst. He pulled up and dived with smoke pouring out. l thought I saw the pilot bail out. The plane was seen to hit the ground. I saw another Me-109 below, dived on him, and followed him down to 3,000 feet, where I gave him a one-second burst. He never pulled out, and he hit the deck as I pulled up."