L/E of 650. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 20" x 23"

Price: $125

The first Bendix race, a cross country dash from Burbank, California to Cleveland was held in 1931. Jimmy Doolittle flying the only biplane, was up against a Travelair Mystery Racer and six Lockheeds. Since the Lockheeds could make it non-stop and Doolittle had to stop twice to refuel, the other pilots scoffed at his chances of winning.

He got off at 5:45 am, stopped at Albuquerque and Kansas City to top off and finished first at Cleveland in his Laird Super Solution. He had won the Bendix, but quickly refueled yet again and flew on to Newark to set a new transcontinental record. Then to the astonishment of no one who really knew him, he flew back to Cleveland, picked up his trophy, kissed his wife, and flew to St. Louis for a party with a bunch of other flyers.