Open Edition

Size: 24" x 30"

Price: $65

The McDonnell Douglas AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter is one of the most formidable weapons systems in the World. In Deliverance, Dru Blair depicts the swift and sudden appearance of one of these agile fighters along a winding river in the first of his new Army Aviation Art Series lithographs.

The raw power of this fully armed 17,000 lb. aircraft is demonstrated in this high speed turn, and the coning of the rotor blades indicates the tremendous demand placed on the man and machine during this manuever. Col Roger McCauley best describes flying the Apache:

Hands down the most totally effective attack helicopter in the world. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is in its class as a night fighter. It is nearly impossible to describe how it feels to fly and fight in this machine when it is bristling with its missiles, rockets and gun."

Reproduced on 100 lb. Quintescence Archival Stock, each print of Deliverance is individually inspected and signed by the artist. Remarques are available.

Remarque - Please contact Air Art Northwest for more information.

Special thanks to LTC John Pack, Commander, 3rd BN, 229th ATK HEL REGT, 18th ABNCORPS Fort Bragg; Col. Roger McCauley, Commander 4th BN, 229 AHR (Flying Tigers) and CW3 Bill Lee.