L/E of 550. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 19" x 34"

Price: $150


"C'est la Guerre" is the companion print to the artist's earlier work entitled "Bonne Chance." Both of these fine limited edition prints constitute a tour de force by James Dietz whose intention was to depict a day in the lives of the young airmen who flew with the Royal Flying Corps during the Great War 1914-1918.

"C'est la Guerre" depicts this gallant band of early airmen returning from the day's dawn patrol. They are weary and totally spent but nevertheless grateful to get back to their quarters at a rustic farmhouse which is nestled in the French countryside. While they have survived yet another day of mortal air-combat, they are painfully aware of the absence of those comrades who did not make it home that day.

Artist James Dietz occupies a unique position in the field of aviation art. His ability to convey, so beautifully, the romantic values associated with those early knights of the sky, has catapulted him to a position of leadership of the genre.