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AIR ART NORTHWEST offers several high-quality mail-order CATALOGS of collectable limited-edition prints and posters, they are in full color and feature work of many of the top aviation artists in the world. When you order a catalog, please tell us if you have a special interest, such as a particular artist, historical event or period, aircraft type or pilot, and we will include additional color literature corresponding with your interest!

(These catalogs contain information on some prints not displayed on this site)

A 24-page color catalog of limited-edition prints and posters, primarily of World War II air combat scenes, by top artists Robert Taylor and Nicholas Trudgian. It also contains some postwar and nautical prints. Most prints are personally signed by famous pilots and historical figures.
Price: $4.00 (U.S.)

The most comprehensive aviation art catalog in the world! 73 full-color pages of exciting prints and posters by 36 noted artists. Includes: biplanes and floatplanes, World War I and II, Korea and Vietnam, experimental aircraft, airliners, aerospace, general aviation, vintage travel and photo posters, Army, Air Force, Naval aviation and more. Contains many new prints and posters and a handy glossary of aircraft and prints.
Price: $5.00 (U.S.)

A 57-page color catalog of limited-edition prints, original paintings and repligraphs (reproduction on canvas) by popular American historical artist Stan Stokes. Contains artwork depicting a variety of military and civilian aircraft from World War I to the 1950's. Many prints are countersigned by prominent pilots. Catalog also contains information on and examples of aircraft hull section, shadow box and jacket art by Craig Weinstein. PRICE: $5.00 (U.S.)


CATALOGS ARE SHIPPED FIRST CLASS MAIL within one working day of receipt of your order. If ordering by credit card, you may place your order by phone, E-Mail, or FAX us the order form for fastest service. We also accept checks or money orders by mail.

FREE NOTIFICATION of the latest ROBERT TAYLOR and NICOLAS TRUDGIAN prints. If you collect Taylor or Trudgian, we'll regularly send you color brochures of their latest prints!

FULL-COLOR PRINT CATALOGS - Call for our color literature on the best in aero-art!

For information on other types of aviation fine art, such as original paintings and bronze statuary by top aeronautical artists, please let us know of your interest and we will send you literature.



A 35-page color catalog of limited-edition prints and posters of nautical scenes, shoreline landscapes and watercraft of every description from rowboats to battleships. The artwork spans the past 200 years; depictions include yacht racing, historical waterfront scenes, cruise liners, naval combat, working tugs and coastal steamers, antique travel poster reproductions, modern still-lifes and more. Price: $4.00 (U.S.)

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