L/E, signed and numbered by the artist.

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Size: 23.5" x 36"

Prices: $295 - $595

With the Battle of Britain in its early stages, on the morning of Wednesday, 10 June, 1940, a convoy of slow-moving British cargo ships heading along the south coast of England came under attack from a formidable force of Dornier Do17 bombers, escorted by five squadrons of Gernan fighters. Royal Air Force Fighter Command scrambled several squadrons to meet the oncoming force in an effort to protect the ships, and a massive dogfight involving more than a hundred planes developed in the region of Dover.

Ripping into the oncoming bombers, the RAF fighters attached head-on – a hazardous tactic requiring great courage, but highly effective in unnerving bomber crews, causing the pilots to swerve out of formation and abandon their target. Head-on collisions were not uncommon. The great battle raged well into the afternoon, and by evening the insurgents had been driven back to their bases in France to lick their wounds. Only one direct hit was scored by the enemy, when a 700-ton sloop was sunk. The Luftwaffe lost 19 aircraft, and although the RAF had 7 aircraft damaged, it lost only one pilot that day.

Robert Taylor's new painting captures a head-on attack between two seasoned pilots high over the port of Dover in the late morning of 10 July 1940. A Spitfire from 610 Squadron. flown by Squadron Leader Andrew Smith has taken on an Me-109 from 1/JG3, the two aircraft flashing past each other at a closing speed nearing 800 mph. Smith crash-landed his aircraft at Hawkinge following this encounter, but the gallant squadron commander was to lose his life following combat with Me-109s just two weeks later.

Below the dueling aces, other aircraft contest the air above the old port, while the coastline is seen streatching west into the distance. This is a superb new limited edition, accurately recreating a typical scene from the first decisive battle ever fought exclusively in the air.

The editions:

The Fighter Edition

Comprising main print, signed by 4 pilots:

      Wing Commander Terence Kane
      Group Captain Tom Dalton Morgan DSO DFC* OBE
      Flight Lieutenant Richard L Jones
      Squadron Leader J G Millard

400 signed and numbered with 4 signatures $295

The Knights Cross Edition

All the above signatures plus:

      Generalleutnant GŁnther Rall
      Oberleutnant GŻnther Seeger

300 signed and numbered with 6 signatures $345
30 Artists Proofs $525

The Battle of Britain Proofs

All the above signatures plus:

      Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob
      Oberleutnant Erwin Leykauf
      Wing Commander George "Grumpy" Unwin DSO DFM*
      Wing Commander George W Swanwick
      Group Captain George H Westlake DSO DFC
      Wing Commander Wilfred M Sizer DFC*
      Flight Lieutenant Michael E Croskell
      Squadron Leader Jocelyn G P Millard
      Wing Commander Paddy Barthropp DFC

200 proofs, signed and numbered with 15 signatures $595