Autographed by at least 17 of the original Flying Tigers.

L/E of 850. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 25" x 31"

Price: $225


No squadron of American Fighter Pilots has ever surpassed the degree of mystique as that of the famous American Volunteer Group, better known as the Flying Tigers. Organized by Claire Chennault, the AVG defended the skies over China and Burma in the early days of World War II. Under primitive conditions and often outnumbered as much as eight to one, the three squadrons comprising the AVG acheived aerial success against the enemy unparalleled to this day. Their snarling, shark-mouthed P-40s have become icons in military aviation history.

Today, more than half a century after this remarkable group of Americans acheived world-fame, only e remenant remains, yet their legacy continues to inspire both young and old. In an effort to honor their continued memory, artist John Shaw has created this dramatic depiction of Chennault and AVG presonnel as they map out a mission in Kweilin, China. Printed on heavy, acid-free stock, each lithograph is signed by the artist and at least seventeen original Flying Tigers. The print measures 25" x 31", and a certificate of authenticity is included. Quantities are extremely limited on this highly-collectible piece which will increase in value and be enjoyed for years to come!


Each Limited-Edition lithography has been personally hand-signed by the artist and at least seventeen of the following original AVG Flying Tigers...

George Bailey
Morton W. "Twisty" Bent
Charles R. Bond
L. Paul Clouthier
Edwin L. Fobes
David Lee "Tex" Hill
Kenneth O. Jernstedt
Albert V. Kaelin
Robert F. Layher
Robert P. "Burma Bob" Locke
Charles Mott
Willard L. Musgrove
Robert J. "Catfish" Raines
Edward F. Rector
Roland L. "Rich" Richardson
Don L. "Rodé" Rodewald
C. Joe Rosbert
John R. "Dick" Rossi
Eriksen E. Shilling
Robert M. Smith