Autographed James R. Geary, Nathaniel "Gus" Mencow, Shirl Hoffman and Clifford Puckett.

L/E of 850. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 33" x 25 1/2"

Price: $245


The heavy bombing runs over Germany during World War II were some of the most brutal of that war. In 1943, an American air crewman stationed in England had a one-in-three chance of surviving the twenty-five required missions. There were times when the casualty rate was sixty percent. There was even one instance, during subsequent bombing raids on Berlin, when only two aircraft out of twenty-one returned.

"The enemy fire looked like sheets of flame in a black blanket of flak," remembers one of the crew members of a B-17F called Betty Boop The Pistol Packin' Mama (of the 390th Bomb Group, 570th Bomb Squadron). "I did a lot of praying, that I can tell you." The renowned aviation artist William S. Phillips depicts those prayers being answered in his new limited print, counter signed by all four surviving crew members of Betty Boop The Pistol Packin' Mama.

When Prayers Are Answered honors all the airmen who went behind enemy lines to pound Germany's industrial heartland. "I spotlight this particular B-17, however, as she makes it back once again to the white cliffs of Dover, and her P-47 escorts peel off," Phillips says. "But the sense of relief I've tried to create with sparkling seas and golden skies is for all the brave men who fought for their country."