L/E of 850. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 27" x 18"

Price: $145


When artist Gil Cohen sets his hand to historical subject matter, it's as if a musty old veil has been lifted from the mind's eye. Layers of time are swept aside and the events of long ago are revealed with a brilliance that induces a profound sense of discovery in the beholder.

His painting, "After the Mission,' shows a scene familiar to all those fortunate enough to survive the deadly attrition of the air war in Europe. The painting shows a bomber aircrew being debriefed by an intelligence officer, whose job it is to collect first-hand, while memories are still fresh, vital information on the day's action.

It was not an easy mission. The men are bone-tired and spent. They would rather not be here but the 'Brass' needs to know what happened over there. Thank God for the coffee! Our pilot tries to sort things out for the intelligence officer, who documents the testimony while his British counterpart puffs thoughtfully on his pipe. The navigator nervously thumbs his zippo to light a cigarette. The waistgunner, wearing a hastily wrapped bandage, appears to be in shock, while the bombardier wearily rubs the back of his neck as he recalls the harrowing run over the target. We wonder what thoughts run through the mind of the young tailgunner as he looks out the window, hoping the engine he hears belongs to the plane of a buddy not yet home.

A full-color fine art print of "After the Mission" is now available. This print edition is limited to only 850 artist-signed and numbered prints, each beautifully reproduced in a large 32x23 inch format on premium quality stock.