Autographed by eight distinguished A-12/YF-12A and SR-71 pilots.

L/E of 600. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 22" x 29 1/2"

Price: $150.00

On April 26,1962 the world of aviation was changed forever. On that day from a remote desert location in Nevada, Lockheed's A-12 took to the air on its maiden flight. Radical looking in design with it's delta wing, twin tails, and fuselage chines, this was no ordinary aicraft. What the Lockheed Skunk Works had created was the world's fastest and highest flying air breathing aircraft. Able to cruise continuously in afterburner at Mach3+ and above 85,000 feet, the A-12 and its follow on designs, the YF-12A and SR-71 were about to set new standards for aircraft performance.

Not only was its design unconventional, but nearly everything used in it's construction had to be developed or invented. At Mach 3 speeds the aircraft produces tremendous heat. Heat so intense that pilots reported seeing the planes leading edges glow a dull orange at night. New lubricants, metals, plastic composites and electronics were developed to withstand the extended periods the plane flew at these incredible temperatures. Additionally, a specially formulated fuel with a high flash point was developed, since ordinary jet fuel would ignite under such conditions.

Developed originally for the CIA as a follow-on to the U-2, the SR-71 would become the world's premiere reconnaissance aircraft. It's only defense against attack is it's astounding speed and altitude that largely remain unchallenged today. That is an extraordinary feat considering that the design of the SR-71 was primarily done by talented engineers using slide-rules over 35 years ago. The Lockheed engineers, designers and the pilots who have flown the SR-71 over the last 3 decades have truly set the standard by which all others are measured.


All prints are individually signed and numbered by the artist and the following distinguished A-12/YF-12A and SR-71 pilots:

Mele Vojvodich (A-12, SR-71), Ray Haupt (SR-71),Tom Pugh (SR-71), Bob Reidenauer (SR-71), Bob Gilliland (A-12, SR-71), Jim Eastham (A-12, YF-12A, SR-71), Ken Collins (A-12, SR-71), Ed Schneider (SR-71).