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Located in a busy suburb of Portland, Oregon, is a fine art distribution and publishing company dedicated to providing domestic and foreign clients with the broadest possible spectrum of fine art with personalized customer service, backed by credibility and experience.

Air Art Northwest was founded initially as the first company in Oregon to specialize in aeronautical fine art. Founder and owner Sig Unander, Jr. created the company to "help a broader group of people own and enjoy something of our aeronautical history, heritage and culture."

A recognized writer and historian with a background in journalism and experience in aviation, government and public service, Unander quit his job in corporate communications with a Portland aerospace firm to found Air Art Northwest. Begun originally with a focus on aeronautical and nautical fine art, the company has broadened its selection to many genres and themes that now include racing, transportation, western, wildlife, equine, contemporary, Latin and modern.

Today, clients from around the world contact the company for a variety of limited-edition prints, posters, original paintings, statuary, books, documents and services. They can commission a painting by an internationally-known artist or locate a hard-to-find print for their collections. Consulting services are available and customers can have prints conservation-framed or rent framed art pieces for their homes or businesses. A more recent emphasis for the company has been on the publication of limited and open-editions of artwork and on providing consulting services on art publishing ad distribution and on media and political projects. Current projects include partnering with Eravision Productions of Los Angeles, California as an associate in the research, production and marketing of documentary films and videos.

Air Art Northwest recently completed a unique and important fine art publishing project involving the relationship between the United States and Mexico; the publication of an edition of fine art lithographs signed by the pilots of the famous Fighter Squadron 201 of the Mexican Air Force, the only Mexican military unit to serve outside of Mexico and to see action with United States Forces.

Noted historic artist Jack Fellows was commissioned to paint an extraordinary original painting of the unit's "Aztec Eagle" aviators participating in the liberation of the Philippines in World War II. The image, showing two P-47s attacking a target on Luzon, was based on six years of research and interviews with the surviving pilots in Mexico. The edition of prints, titled "Strike of the Aztec Eagles!" was taken to Mexico in June and July, 2002, where the lithographs were signed in three cities by all eleven surviving Squadron 201 pilots.

The prints are being distributed by Air Art Northwest and part of the proceeds go to the Mexican World War II Veteran's Association. Many of the lithographs are also being donated to museums and to Latino scholarship foundations. A copy was given to Mexican Presidente Vicente Fox and plans are underway to present one to President George W. Bush. Prints are available directly from Air Art Northwest.

Air Art Northwest is located in Cornelius, a suburb of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Orders for color catalogs, artwork or services can be placed 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anwhere in the world, by fax, e-mail or telephone. To place an order, you may use our online order form, print out our printable order form and fax it in, or simply call us.

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